tama Changes from Zangband 2.2.8 tama

The main differences from ZAngband2.2.8 are below.

- World score server: You can register scores and character dumps.
- Player can write last words when died, which is displayed in the 
  character dump registered to the score server.
- Menu interface: return key activates the main menu which include almost 
  all commands. So beginners don't need to memorize all commands.

- Player can ride on some pet monsters, horses, dragons etc.
- Player can wield two weapons at once or wield a weapon with two-handed.
- Player have proficiency levels of each weapons and spells, like Nethack.
- Player can change second magic realm. All previous realm's spell will 
  be lost. There is a limit in the total of studying spells.

- New classes:
   Tourist : thay can poorly cast arcane spells. difficult to survive.
   Imitator : imitate spells or abilities which monsters have just used.
   BeastMaster : dominate or summon monsters and ride on these.
   Sorcerer : cast spells of all magic realms. But physically hopeless.
   Archer : a warrior specialized in missile weapon. can create ammo.
   Magic-Eater : absorb wands, staffs and rods to use it as magic spell.
   Bard : sing songs. like Harper of PernAngband.
   Red-Mage : dual-class, can cast all lower rank spells of all realms.
   Samurai : use Samurai Arts which include various special attack.
   ForceTrainer : use the spiritual Force. prefer to be bare-hand
   Blue-Mage : study monster's spells. use these as his own spell.
   Cavalry : a warrior specialized in riding.
   Berserker : powerful warrior. but cannot use magic items except potions.
   Weaponsmith : extract essences from items. use it to improve equipment.
   Mirror-Master : create magical mirror. use its fantastic power.
   Ninja : act without lights, attack monsters with possible insta kill.

- New races:
   Ent, Archon, Balrog, Dunadan, Shadow-Fairy, Kutar, Android
- Player's Personality:
   At the character making, you can choose Personality, which include 
   Ordinary, Mighty, Shrewd, Pious, Nimble, Fearless, Combat, Lazy, 
   Sexy, Lucky, Patient, and Munchkin.
- New magic realms: Craft magic, Daemon magic
   Other magic realms also exist for new classes' exclusive use.
   Existing realms are modified.
- Class powers: class specific powers, like the racial one.
- Pernangband-like large wilderness map and many differnt dungeons, 
  including Maze, Volcano, R'lyeh, Anti-magic cave, Anti-melee cave, 
  Chameleon cave, Dark cave, Hell, Heaven, etc.

- The amount of energy which player and monsters take in each turn are 
  randomized, which makes piller-dancing impossible, and produces 
  danger of possible sudden death.
- Monsters can breath or cast spells to a place adjacent to player.
- A monster which was attacked in the last turn can move and cast spells 
  even if the attacker is not in the line of sight. 
  So a Quylthulg pit is no more an easy source of experience.
- The path shape of bolt spells is same as the path of missile weapons.
- New abilities of monsters
  - Dispel magic spell: dispels all magic of player, including 
    Globe of Invulnerability. And many deeper unique monsters, 
    including Serpent of Chaos, wisely cast dispel magic spell.
  - Psycho spear: beam spell which penetrate Globe of Invulnerability.
  - Stop the Time: A few monsters can cast it...
  - blow with drain mana: some monster cause damage at SP with its blow.
- Higher level monsters can resist genocide.
- Even artifacts will be removed by *destruction*.

- Player can name his pets, and can take pets over to any place.
- Pet monsters will not turn agaist player when attacked by player.
- Monsters killed by player's pets don't drop items.
- Player and monsters cannot summon monsters of opposite alignment.
- New items:
  - Capture Ball, capture a monster to make pets, or carry a pet.
  - Wizardstaff and Ring of Mana, decrease mana consumption of spells.
  - ring of warning, warn before dangerous move.
    and many other new items...
- Many new artifacts and new monsters.
- Random Quest monster is always unique, and one-time only.
- Ego rings and Ego amulets.
- Names of random artifacts will reflect it's ability.
  A weapon which has fire brand, fire resistance, and fiery aura is 
  more likely named 'Fire Bland' or like that.

- When player level advances, stats increase sometimes. Instead,
  stat gaining potion is much rarer.
- Players start with more HP and more SP, early stage is not very hard.
- Home is expanded to 20 pages. and all 4 Homes in 4 towns is same.
- New building Museum: Give as many items as you like for memorial.
- New building Hunter's office: They offer prize for wanted monsters.

- New casino game Poker : It's real poker.
- New casino game Monster Arena : You bets to one of four monsters. 
    They battle each other and you win when your monster wins.
- Auto picker: write item names on a file named 'pickpref.prf', then 
  these items will be automaticaly picked up or destroyed and even 
  automaticaly inscribed.