tama List of changes tama

  Jan. 9th, 2004  hengband 1.6.0 (New stable branch) released.
      This is a bug-fix version of 1.5.4.

      - Activation of the Wizardstaff of Gandalf was changed.
      - Activation of the Charmed Pendant was changed.
      - "share gold" in thievs guild was abolished.
      - Hunter's office make no difference between two races of the same name.
      - Mirrors will disappear when you move to other floor.

      - Various bug fixes:
        "./configure --with-setgid=games" didn't work.
        Strange behavior for inscriptions such as {@ud}.
        Sanity blast each time you used save command.
        Quest rewards in lite_town were older.
        The game crashed at cure mutation service when you are a Lucky.
        The rarely crashed when a unique vanished from a saved floor.
        When a monster threw another monster, the player caused damage.
        Many typo, screen update failures, wrong descriptions etc.

      - All changes for 1.4.5 are also included in 1.6.0 .

  Jan. 9th, 2004  hengband 1.4.5 (Old stable branch) released.
      This is the final version of old stable branch (1.4.x).

      - Avoid displaying unimportant descriptions when *identified* an object.
      - Enabled use of sound.cfg on Windows. (Thanks to KoKa)
      - Mimicing monsters '+','%','{' didn't appear in monster knowledge menu.

      - Various bug fixes:
        Samurai couldn't use Boomerang tech in Arena.
        A monster in Capture Ball sometimes disenchanted and changed.
        Random teleport in Monster Arena cause infinite loop.
        Charging Magic Whistles were stacked, and charge was reset.
        Surplus {special} fake inscription on identified artifact.
        Some items in the Race career list in character dump were missing.
        Warrior of the Dawn couldn't reproduced in forests.
        Cursed weapon in left hand was able to move to right hand.
        Summon Pet sometimes failed.
        Stop time was cancelled when any monster die.
        Miscount of Silver Angels.
        Renamed "A Set of Gloves of Dragon" to "A Set of Dragon Gloves".
        Sometimes pets mistakenly breathed on the player.
        Sometimes normal breath pierce walls.
        The Minotaur of the Labyrinth should be summond by final boss.
        Many typo, screen update failures, wrong descriptions etc.

  Aug. 12th, 2003  hengband 1.5.4 (Development branch) released.

      - New artifatct amulets.
      - Special inscription {@ma},{@0} etc. on equip/floor lists are allowed.
      - Tags, "a)" etc., are always effected by above inscription.
      - 'x' mark of view_unsafe_grids will be cleared by disarming spell.

      - Various bug fixes:
        Pval didn't effect on values of normal objects.
        Proficiency of missile weapons were not increased.

      - All changes for 1.4.4 are also included in 1.5.4.

  Aug. 12th, 2003  hengband 1.4.4 (Stable branch) released.

      - Various bug fixes:
        Hidden doors were not hidden on tile graphics mode.
        'Stop singing' didn't take time. (It should take 1/10 turn.)
        Repeat didn't work correctly for Forcetrainers when blinded.

  Jul. 20th, 2003  hengband 1.5.3 (Development branch) released.
      - Improved Warning ability a bit.
      - Some English text were corrected. (thanks to an choco)

      - Various bug fixes:
        Crash after every auto-save.
        view_unsafe_grids allowed to see trails in the Maze.

      - All changes for 1.4.3 is also included in 1.5.3.

  Jul. 20th, 2003  hengband 1.4.3 (Stable branch) released.
      - Various bug fixes:
        Experience gain for killing monsters was zero.
        When using manual_haggle, selling items didn't work.
        Mana point was not updated correctly after Clear Mind.
        Repeat didn't work correctly for Forcetrainers when blinded.

  Jul. 10th, 2003  hengband 1.5.2 (Development branch) released.
      - Random artifacts get more 'Construction point' for Android.
      - Hunter's office gives items as prize now.
      - Probing gives all monster recall infomations.
      - Crowns of telepathy get many low ESPs when high one is 'nonliving'.
      - Warning ability is more accurate now.
      - Some monsters have 'dark light' now.
      - The Armageddon trap is less dangerous now.
      - Duration check of temporal effects on monsters is changed of timing.
      - And stealth of the player will get effected by their speed.
      - STUPID monsters try to cast spells in anti-magic cave.
      - Score penalty for Amberite Berserkers no longer applied.
      - Shapechanger will really change shape on tile graphics mode.
      - "Colour out of space" is same letter as terrain type under foot. 
      - Parmanent walls at boundaries mimics normal terrains in dungeon.
      - Enhanced view_unsafe_grids option; 'x' will be cleared when walked over.
      - 'Cure mutation' service will always succeed.
      - Special inscription like {@ma} can be used in all commands now.
      - [Y/n] check on character generation accept all keys except N and ESC.
      - You can set Character history using template file at birth now.
      - Character dump now displays Blue-magics.
      - Character dump now displays full details of lost fight on Arena.
      - Tidyed up Quest list display.
      - Added 'Dark elven pit'

      - Various bug fixes:
        Strange behaviors after using save command (^S).
        '@' displayed at wrong position when trap door activated.
        Duplicate unique monster while player is dominating one as their pet.
        Inconsistent message about the effect of the jewel.
        Incomplete update for sub-windows.  etc...

      - All changes for 1.4.2 is also included in 1.5.2.

  Jul. 10th, 2003  hengband 1.4.2 (Stable branch) released.
      - Cancelling of Racial/Class power no longer takes energy.
      - The algorism for breath shape is changed.

      - Various bug fixes:
        Samurai was not able to 'Assume a Posture' when they have pets.
        Buggy behavior of Teleportaion while mounting on a Lord of Change.
        Inven/Equip sub-window displayed gerbages when resized.
        Wrong monster name in playrecord file at the Arena.

        Sorcerer and Red-Mage didn't get cost bonuses from Proficiency.
        'Rush Attack' was able to pass over the Pattern.
        Collected display update for "Fingolfin's Challenge" song.
        Overflaw of item's value in store.
        Songs were not really stopped while global map.
        Date/time went wrong when player race is changed.
        'Rodeo' sometimes failed to fail and behaved as succeed.
        Collected font on WinNT/2000/XP.
        Pets sometimes involved the player in their spell by mistake.
        Wrong value of ego ring of resist time.
        Salt Water didn't have effect on living.
        Two rare bugs on decision for Quest completion.
        Charge overflaw for stack of rods.
        Clones of unique monster sometimes changed to real unique.
        Bug on adding essence on a equippment with negative pval.
        Collected update for monster light.  etc...

  Dec. 24th, 2002  hengband 1.5.1 (Development branch) released.
      - Added visual editor in lists of known objects and etc... (Unangband)
      - Clairaudience spell of Bard doesn't detect walls with treasure.
      - Various bug fixes;
        Monsters on saved floors awake, Error handling while save,
        Monster data is broken while save and then crash,
        Shaft takes you to wrong levels.
      - All changes for 1.4.1 is also included in 1.5.1.

  Dec. 24th, 2002  hengband 1.4.1 (Stable branch) released.
      - Elvish waybread fully satisfies mortals.  (from OAngband)
      - General store sell Elvish waybread.
      - Salt water don't effect undead etc...
      - Description of weapons/armour from OAngband.
      - Added disturb when objects with inscription {!!} is recharged.
      - Improved display of tiles at knowledge command, etc., on Bigtile mode

      - Various bug fixes;
       Vault with no entrance,  Crash at (a) of info command,
       Arena while Wraithform,  Activation of smith's equip,
       Foods while mimiccing,  Kind of monsters at the Mountain,
       Broken name of the Staff,  Random teleport in monster arena.

  Dec. 9th, 2002  hengband 1.5.0 (Development branch) released.
      Implemented 'Saved Floors':
      - You can climb back the same stairs to get back to the same floor.
      - But different stairs will always take you to different floors.
      - All saved floors will be cleared when you reached to the surface.
      - Changed effects of Level teleport, trap door and stair creation.
        (Each effect takes you to the floor right above or right under.)
      - Remove two options; dungeon_stairs and confirm_stairs
      - Add a new option 'confirm_quest' which warns about one-way stairs.
      - Increased number of walls with treasure.
      - Implemented walls with hidden treasure.
      - Removed detect treasure effect from the Detection spell.

  Dec. 9th, 2002  hengband 1.4.0 (Stable branch) released.
      - Removed scrolls of satisfy hunger and that class power of Berserkers.
        Androids can quaff flasks of oil.
        Barlogs can sacrifice corpses with symbol 't','p', or 'h' using the Eat command.
        Golems, Zombies, Skeletons, and Spectors can Eat charges of wands and staves.
        Ents can get nutritions from water in any potions.
      - Added lists of known monsters/objects from Eyangband.
      - Shift + direction keys will move cursor quickly in the look command.
      - Tuned interface to list stack of items in the look command with easy_floor.
      - Added new service of buildings in town which evaluate effects of your AC.
      - Added disturb_high: disturb whenever high-level monster moves
      - Added allow_debug_opts: allow use of debug/cheat options
      - Changed 'munchkin_death' into a cheat option 'cheat_save'.
      - Removed terrain_streams and stupid_monsters.
      - Fixed typos and grammar errors on English. (Thanks to John Mikula)
      - Fix various bugs:
        Too many items break savefile.  Crash at boundary of wilderness.
        Stop time at forest of global map.  Hidden door at Deep Water.
        A floor mimiccing wall.  Warding True.  Disintegration on runes.
        Absence of new traps.  Confused Blue-mage.  Quickness of Mirror-magic.
        Resurrection of Amberites.  Multiple Chameleon King.
        Buffer-overflow breaks macro.

  Oct. 31st, 2002  hengband 1.3.1 (Development branch) released.
      - Added a new menu 'Keep on top' for subwindows of Windows version
      - Auto-Inscription-For-Resistances, {%}, will work dynamically.
      - Weak pseud-identified inscription for enchanted objects is now
        {uncursed} instead of {good}.
      - New trapped rooms: Piranha trap and Armageddon trap.
      - Keep background terrain under Rune of Protection and Rune of Explosion.
      - Fixed the bug that trapped pit is isolated within walls.
      - Removed little boy and fat man.
      - New unique; Sheer Heart Attack, the Bomb Hand
      - Changed configure.in so that acconfig.h is no longer needed.
      - All changes from 1.2.0 to 1.2.2.

  Oct. 31st, 2002  hengband 1.2.2 (Stable branch) released.
      - The Cloning Pits now includes Borshin.
      - Description of *identified* Light source of darkness now include
        effects on light radius as numerical value.
      - Fixed bug that radius of light source couldn't reach to zero however
        many darkness items are equipped, when the player has fiery aura.
      - Fixed many bugs(rod of percention, Royal Crypt, etc...)

  Sep. 9th, 2002  hengband 1.2.1 (Stable branch) released.
      - Added description about license of Hengband; 'jlicense.txt'.
        (jlicense.txt is Japanese only for now)
      - Increased AC of the ego Ring of Protection (Extra Armor) by 7.
      - Fixed some bug on monster's AI.
      - Fixed bug that cause crash when specific chest trap triggerd.
      - Fixed wrong display of the Tower quest in quest information command.
      - Fixed bug that fail rates of the imitation differed from the value
        displayed in a spell list.
      - Changed the Walken to be drop items.
      - Fixed some memory leak and overruns and underruns memory allocation.
      - Fixed some other bug.

  Aug. 28th, 2002  hengband 1.3.0 (Development branch) released.

      - Added a new room type; trapped monster pit.
      - Added object flags of various ESPs. (from Unangband and ToME)
      - Every slay flags now have corresponding *slay* flags.
      - The 'C' command display ESPs, Slays and 'other' flags on a new page.
      - Now Weaponsmiths can attach ESPs and *slay*s on equipments.
      - Inserted new-lines after first two paragraphs of monster-recall.
      - 'Experience' of Andoroid is now displayed as construction point.
      - Counting of play time will stop within the auto-picker editor.
      - Wrote quest information in character dump file.
      - Apply auto-destroy just after using Psychometry.
      - Added new command letter ';' of auto-picker/destroyer which forces
        the game to ask if you want to pick the item up. (Thanks to Kieron)
      - The '?' key shows you contextual help while option setting and
        character making.(from Eyangband)

  Aug. 28th, 2002  hengband 1.2.0 (Stable branch) released.

      - Fixed many bugs
      - Splited version tree into two branch;
         development version: 1.3.x and stable version: 1.2.x.
      - Introduced save-file-version which is independent from actual
        version number of the game.
      - Placed Thorondor at level 50 of the Mountain dungeon as a master.
      - Strengthened all greater eagles very much.
      - Added new options: destroy_feeling and destroy_identify which
        control whether auto-destroy will be applied just after pseudo
        identify or identify.
      - Moved manual_haggle option into birth option from game option.
      - A mirror made by mirror-master will change back to original terrain
        when the mirror is broken.
      - Added description of every spells of Magic-eater.
      - Area of Darkness spell was changed back to same as 1.1.0RC2.
      - You can use '(' and ')' key as first or last item on item selection.
      - Changed message text at climbing up to surface level.
      - Halved experience of drujs.
      - Added more descriptions of personalities on help file and character
        making screen.

      Modifications for auto-picker/destroyer editor:
      - Added descriptions about function of {%} and {%all}.
      - Added search commands '/', 'n', 'N' on the editor.
      - New commands '~', '!', ';', '(' which repeatedly add or remove
        corresponding command letter.
      - The game no longer creates pickpref-.prf when
        pickpref.prf is already exist.
      - Do auto-save the game at starting the editor.

  Jun. 2nd, 2002  hengband 1.1.0 Release Candidate 1 released.
      - Splited Life realm into two and new spells added; New 'Life' realm
        and New 'Crusade' realm.
      - Speed system modified; multiple-moves got fewer at early stage.
      - Vi-like in-game editor(the _ key) of Auto-picker/destroyer
      - Character background can be edited by player at birth.
      - Auto-destoy/Auto-inscription is now performed just after identify
        objects (like auto-squelch).
      - Indicators of temporal effects(status bar) are now have variable
        size and position.
      - new option view_unsafe_grids from Unangband; Unkown grids that have
        not beed trap detecteted are marked with gray 'x'.
      - new option disturb_trap_detect from Oangband; disturbs you when
        player is running out of trap-detected area.
      - new option alert_trap_detect; alerts you with message when the
        player is moving out of the trap-detected area.
      - Ninja can now throw(v) Iron Spikes in the Arena.
      - Known monster level is displayed together with monster name in look
      - The game loads only either pickpref-.prf or pickpref.prf, not
      - Fake inscriptions({cursed} {empty} etc..) are not hidden under real
      - A stack of more than 23 objects on floor can be listed when
        easy_floor is on; you can scroll the list with the enter key.
      - Expanded limit radius of light from player's light source.
      - Downstairs don't become 'very long stairs' when ironman_downward is
      - Added Essence of Slay human and Essence of Warning for Weaponsmith.
      - Added new monsters.
      - Default color of permanent walls is now Light Umber.
      - Added a few new tiles.
      - Some bugs fixed.

  Apl.17th, 2002  Bugfix version of macintosh binary 1.0.11f1
      - Fixed broken "TileWidhth" and "TileHeight" menu.
      - Fixed problem, sometimes crash, while window resize using mouse.

  Apl. 6th, 2002  hengband 1.0.11 released.
      - The on-line help files is translated to English
      - Warning ability of an object can be canceled by its inscription {$}.
      - The terrain feature of brake changed '#' -> ':' 
      - Format of the mon-info.spo is revised
      - HUMAN flag for monsters and SLAY_HUMAN flag for weapons
      - 'Muramasa' and 'Chainsword' are modified and have SLAY_HUMAN now.
      - The cause of death is written in character dump.
      - Paralyzation status is written in the text of the cause of death.
      - Cursed items have various random unpleasant effects.
      - Bigtile graphics mode, each tile have double width and become a square.
      - Bigscreen from OAngband
      - Correct cause of death when hallucination
      - Savefile name longer then 8 letters can be used. (For Windows)
      - Normal magic items have descriptions when *identified*
      - Some bugs fixed.

  Mar. 6th, 2002  hengband 1.0.10 released.
      - New artifact, ego-ammo and vault.
      - Class power of Red-Mage is more useful.
      - Force Trainer becomes more and more powerful in melee when
        they use 'Improve Force'. 
      - Monster AI is a bit improved.
      - The Serpent of Chaos summons guardians of each dungeons.
      - Random artifact names list was expanded.
      - Iron Spikes has (dmg per shot/dmg per turn) display.
      - Automaticaly tidy up bandles of ammo to 99 ammo and the rest.
      - Interact with visual command takes ^N ^A ^C.
      - Support 16x16 tile. Selected by extra option -- -a on X11.
      - 8x8 tile supports lighting effects.
      - Screen shot is supported in graphics mode.
      - Support in MPW environment of Macintosh.

  Jan.30th, 2002  hengband 1.0.9 revision 1 released.
        Fixed one more bug which cause crash (English version only).

  Jan.27th, 2002  hengband 1.0.9 released.
      - New character making screen
      - New character infomation 'C' screen
      - Range and accuracy of crossbow are changed.
      - Rod of Pesticide was changed.
      - The score server now holds colored screenshots at dying and winning.
        screenshots will be placed at:
        But links on the webpage to the screenshots are not yet available.
      - Limited support of 8x8 tile graphics.
      - Hengband online help in *Japanese*. 
        (sadly English version of online help is not yet available)
      - Rune of explosion no longer has anti-summoning effects.
      - Rune of protection no longer has perfect
        anti-summonig effects. Sea of runes are no longer
        perfect. But this change has a good side effect:
        monsters can waste its time to try summoning.
      - Identify spell now shows only unidentified items in the list.
      - Difficulty to activate random artifact is changed.

  Dec.31th, 2001  hengband 108fix2 revision 1 released.
      - 'fix2' is japanese bug fixed version but this bug was 
        not effect on English version.
      - The 'interact with knowledge' command changed. 
        You can get display of lines of auto picker/destroyer.

  Dec.31th, 2001  hengband 108fix1 version 3 released.
      - Auto macro dump and other auto dump is now 
        more usefull. Old dump lines will be deleted 
        before appending new dump.
      - A minor typo and a minor bug fixed.

  Dec.30th, 2001  hengband 108fix1 version 2 released.
      - All remained japanese messages are found and fixed, 
        using a exclusive C program.
      - You can now define macros in the 'pickpref.prf'.

  Dec.29th, 2001  hengband 108fix1 released.
       This is a bug fixed japanese version, and almost 
       same as 108eng3, but a few more bugs are fixed.

  Dec.25th, 2001  hengband 108eng2(stable) and 108eng3(test version) released.
       108eng2: fixed some typo. ']' key now can be used as macro key.
       108eng3: macro trigger is displayed in more suitable way;
          such that \[F1] or \[control-shift-alt-HOME]. 
          And you can use alt-key plus alphabet-key as macro 
          key on Windows now; \[alt-A] or \[shift-alt-B].

  Dec.24th, 2001  hengband 1.0.8 released. This is a new Japanese version. 
      The source can be used to compile English version too.
      - The address of the world score server is changed.
      - Makefiles was changed again.
      - New item: Magic Whistle.
      - Ninja had been a bit weakened. 
      - can study known spells using 'G' command for more proficiency.
      - Some minor bugs was fixed.
      - Yet another japanese massage was taranslated.

  Dec.17th, 2001  hengband 1.0.7fix2 english beta4 released.
      Yet another remained japanese messages are now translated.
      Changed some option info texts and names again.
      Inventory lists of Home and Museum in the character dump is fixed.
      Some bugs related groo and Metal Babble is fixed.

  Dec.11th, 2001  hengband 1.0.7fix2 english beta3 released.
      fixed a compile error. English info message of artifacts added.
      changed some info text and name of options.

  Dec. 9th, 2001  hengband 1.0.7fix2 english beta2 released. fixed a terrible bug,
      items in the home was not saved when more than 24 items stored.
      Binary for Macintosh (ppc, osX) is now available.

  Dec. 8th, 2001  hengband 1.0.7fix2 english beta released.
      Many mistakes of English messages, and bugs are fixed.

  Dec. 5th, 2001  fixed some mistakes of archives. 1.0.7fix2 english alpha2 released.

  Dec. 4th, 2001  hengband 1.0.7fix2 english alpha version released.